Team building

Embark on an adventure to Kranjska Gora!

 Looking for a team building idea? Want to offer your team something different, fun, adventurous and active? Trip in the Bag offers a completely new version of a trip, which is much more than just a trip.

What is TITB – Team building and how does it work?

TITB – Team building can be described as a mixture of a trip and a treasure hunt. Unlike the classic Trip in the Bag trip, you will not receive comprehensive instructions, it will be incomplete. By successfully solving the riddles and tasks, you will need to come up with solutions that will lead you to a common goal – a real treasure.

Who is Trip in the Bag – Team Building intended for?

TITB – Team Building is intended for both small and large companies, schools, sports teams, choirs, fire brigades, … We can implement it in several ways, for one or more groups within your team, which, similarly to the company, we each work in our own field, but in the end we can only reach the final goal together and discover the real treasure. At the end of the trip, of course, it’s time for organized events with the whole team including a delicious dinner, music… TITB – Team building can be adjusted to your needs (half-day, full-day or two-day trips), so it is a great idea for New Year’s parties and different events.

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