how it works?

Trip in the Bag is a new innovative way of traveling and exploring destinations and cities. It’s meant for travelers, who don’t just want to visit new places but want to feel them. By traveling this way, your trip will always be tailored to your taste. All trips are individual, self guided and all-inclusive, but don’t worry, our team is always there for you. This way, all the people travelling together have similar interests and there are no additional or hidden costs.

After you choose and book your trip, you will receive a letter with instructions on your starting location and time.

At the starting location you will receive a bag, containing a series of letters, coupons, a map and some other surprises.

These letters will help you explore the desired destination. There will be step by step instructions on how to reach a certain spot. In the meantime we will give you all the pieces of information about the sights and the spots you visited, wrapped in a uniquely local story.

For traveling between spots, you can use a printed copy of the map or QR codes. QR Codes will give you direct information on Google Maps.

In some letters, you will get coupons. This will cover all the necessary admissions, snacks, and meals during the trip. All of this comes with 24/7 service from our support team, which will make sure everything is alright.

Trip in the Bag

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