how it works?

How does it work?

Trip in the Bag is a new, innovative way to travel and explore destinations and cities. We can best describe it as a mixture of nature wondering, treasure hunting and outdoor escape room. You will liven up your family wandering with a simple backpack and turn your trip into a real adventure.

For researchers of all ages

TITB is a trip you can take on your own. The backpack will serve you as your personal guide and at the same time it will provide you with the challenges and tasks you need to complete in order to find the treasure. The tasks are suitable for all ages and the path will always lead you near all the most important sights of a chosen destination, so you can get to know it, learn a lot about it and at the same time have a lot of fun.

And what is hidden in the backpack?

 A family or a group of 1 to 6 people gets one backpack, in which they can find all the things needed for exploring and discovering the treasure, such as travel directions, accessories for solving tasks, snack coupons, lunch… However, the backpack is locked when you get it and you will first have to find your key at the destination, so we won’t reveal you all the secrets yet!

Time is on your side!

 Trip in the Bag is a trip that is waiting for you and will not force you to wander around in bad weather or on an inappropriate day. You can go on a trip whenever you want, without a prior reservation. You can either pre-order the backpack online or buy it at the spot and start your trip the same day.

Adventure as a gift?

 Trip in the Bag is a great gift. The idea itself of giving someone an adventure is something completely new. Trip is specially designed to suit anyone, so you cannot make a wrong choice by giving it to somebody.  

Where are all the treasures hidden?

At the moment, with the help of our backpack, you can search for a Weird Type of a Treasure (Zaklad čudne sorte) in Kranjska Gora. You will be able to hunt treasures in Bohinj and Piran till the end of the summer. Next year, however, there will be 10 more new destinations.

Trip in the Bag

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