General Terms & Conditions
We believe that with positive attitude and good will, there is always possible to find the best solution for all parts. Everyone is always welcome at any times to express their thoughts, requests or any further questions they might have before buying or booking, during or after all our products and we’ll be more than happy to answer, help and try to meet all requests, suggestions or any needs.


The general rules and terms of service determine rights and limitations of users as well as relations between buyers, users and the provider (trademark) trip in the bag, as well as the webpage, that is a registered trademark and is managed by Globart gruop d.o.o, with the companies seat on the address Jurčkova cesta 133b, 1000 Ljubljana, tax no: 83981454, companies registration number: 3521133000.

With the visit of web pages as well as purchasing and usage of products under the name Trip in the bag, buyers and users agree and accept these General terms and rules. The usage of products Trip in the bag, visits and usage of services and/or equipment of providers can be determined by the general terms of services and rules of individual providers. It is the responsibility of the buyer and user that he/she informs himself/herself beforehand and agrees in full.  In a case, where the buyer is not the user of the product Trip in the bag, the buyer has to inform the user with the content of these general terms of agreement and its rules.


Organizer –is the company Globart  skupina d.o.o, that sells products under the name Trip in the Bag, either on its web pages or point of sales of its business partners (stores or web pages)

Product trip in the bag- is an individual product or a package for the program “trip in the bag” that consists of a backpack and a box containing instructions, entrance tickets, coupons, gifts, and information, along with the entire organizational plan for a certain destination, that the buyer selects and wishes to visit and experience as a one or more day “self guided” tour, travel or experience. When purchasing the item, the buyer gains the right to the usage of certain services and products, for which the contents of the box apply to certain providers, and is evident from the content of the box. When purchasing via the web pages of the organizer, the buyer can examine certain goods and services in an individual description of the destination that he wishes to select and experience.

Provider – is the business partner of the organizer (subcontractor), that offers certain goods or performs certain services, to which the buyer is justified, when purchasing the product, as is evident from the content of the select package (such as hospitality services, accommodation services, museums, local tourist and other providers).

Salesman – is the business partner of the organizer, which sells the products Trip in the bag in its store or its web pages.

User – is the person that uses the purchased services or goods

Buyer – is the legal or physical persona that has purchased or received the product.


The user has carefully selected the providers and partners that with their products and services constitute the product Trip in the Bag. To ensure the high quality of services that we suggest to our buyers, the organizer reserves the right to cancel one or several service providers during the validity of the product trip in the bag and subsequently replace it with a more appropriate, equivalent or superior provider. In such a case the user is not entitled to any refund of expenditures.

Our web catalogues and offer are regularly updated with any changes of services. Printed catalogues are updated according to the ability of the organizer. The user is obliged to check any offer beforehand and provide all the necessary information that the provider requires to acquire certain goods, services or activities. The organizer does not take on any responsibilities for providing incomplete or incorrect information from the side of the user or buyer. The user or buyer takes full responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the transmitted data.

Products trip in the bag are issued in a limited quantity. The organizer is obliged to fulfil every order of the product Trip in the bag, from the customer side, in the framework of available supplies and considering the final deadlines of tourist packages in sale, that refer to the tourist season of a certain destination. An individual product (trip) or destination is valid at most for 1 year since the time of the purchase or in the timer period that is determined and marked on an individual product or on associated web pages. Before purchasing the product (trip, travel) the buyer must check the availability and occupancy of the desired product or desired date of the travel at the organizer, from which he has to receive a written confirmation (email, mail, text message) about the conformation of his reservation for a certain product and time slot. For any possible unavailability of the product Trip in the Bag, the organizer takes no responsibility, as long as the reservation is not successfully confirmed. In such a case, the buyer relinquishes any demand due to unavailability. If the order cannot be fulfilled due to suspension of supply or unavailability, the buyer can cancel his order and receives a refund within 30 days of the payment.

Product trip in the bag can be bought and gifted through the web in a form of a gift certificate. The user and the buyer agree and understand that the responsibility of handling such gift certificates is entirely on their part. A lost, damaged or stolen gift certificate is in the realm of responsibility of the user or the buyer. The organizer is not responsible for any abuses of gift certificates and is not obliged to check the identity of the buyer.

The organizer is not liable for any damages, caused by natural or any other disaster or other unforeseen circumstances or anything caused by a third person party in any shape or form.


The terms for usage of services or acquiring of any goods from Globart skupine d.o.o.  are, that the user has a valid gift certificate or product and accepts these general rules and terms of services.

Before using the gift certificate Trip in the Bag, users are obliged to check the key information and make a mandatory reservation of the services at the provider in the time allowed, which is determined for every product, package or destination individually and is stated in the products instructions, as well as in these general terms and conditions.  The user has to be especially careful of the maximum number of attendants, time periods and time limitations, required equipment, weather conditions and other details.

For reservations the user first has to select the desired product and contact the organizer for possible available time slots, as well as the exact number of attendees and also that the user wishes to use its selected product Trip in the Bag. After the conformation of an available time slot, and the possibility for its implementation from the side of the organizer and payment from the buyer, the reservation is successful.

Discounts stated in the print catalogue, flyer or promotion on the web page Trip in the Bag, along with other discounts are mutually exclusive and cannot be combined.

A single product package can only be used once, and for as many people as are confirmed through the reservation, unless specified otherwise. The buyer or user can take the package of the tourist arrangement on the starting location of the chosen trip, at the organizer, its partners and partner selling stations, or in a case of a timely pre-order can also receive it at his home address or a pre specified location via mail. The buyer receives all necessary information on a valid email address, which he is obliged to present at the purchase and conformation of a reservation.

Any sort of copying, reproducing or counterfeiting is strictly forbidden, as it represents a criminal act and is punished in accordance with the valid laws of the Republic of Slovenia. All stated actions or violations will be reported to the appropriate state law enforcement. The consequences are born by the perpetrator in their entirety.


Order of coupons and products

The buyer first selects the desired product Trip in the Bag, where there is all the information on services and product as well as certain limitations of the provider. With the click to purchase or reservations it comes to the page to confirm the order or to ask about demand.

Confirmation of order and payment

The buyer submits the demand for the select product and the terms of travel on the appropriate web page or through an E-mail. At the conformation of availability and the possibility for execution of the selected time slot, the buyer receives an email containing instructions as well as the address for product payment. The order is finalised and confirmed with the conformation of payment along with an email from the side of the organizer, that the reservation is final. The purchase is irreversibly finalised and is ready for further processing of the merchant and/or the organizer. For the purposes of the order, or any other need that arises for any reason, the salesmen can personally contact the buyer. The sale/purchase contract between Trip in the Bag and the buyer is finalised at the moment of the order conformation. The sale/purchase contract (first electronic message of the order status) je saved electronically on Trip in the Bag servers.

Prices are valid in the time of the order by the consumer, only with payment under the conditions described below or on a valid sales spot. The organizer and the salesman reserve the right to change its prices in the time when the shop in closed. The prices always include VAT, unless otherwise specified.

The prices shown on the web page are fixed and do not change during the opening time. The prices are presented as regular prices, which apply for web purchasing, independent from the selected form of payment.


The organizer enables the following ways of payment:

-Cash on delivery (cash payment)

-cash payment at field promoter and salespeople

-transactional payment on the provided bank account (though a web bank or preliminary payment)

-debit or credit card

-payment via PayPal

Certain methods of payment can include additional transactional expenses, on which the organizer has no influence. For example; payment via preliminary receipt or via web bank, the bank can additionally charge their services for the expenses of the UPN. At cash on delivery payments the post office Pošta Slovenije can charge additional expenses for CoD payments at their valid price range. For more information on such additional costs visit the web pages Pošta Slovenije , subsection “other services”.

Credit card charges

Globart skupina d.o.o. charges fees on credit cards according to the country of operation or destination country. Globart skupina d.o.o. is not responsible for any charges applied to credit card transactions and will not refund or return any fees charged by third parties and incurred during the transaction of the tour cost.


Products Trip in the Bag, are supplied according to the prices, which are valid via price lists and tariffs and at the conformation of the order. The prices are marked in Euros. The prices on the organizers web pages are fixed, in the time of a purchase the organizer ensures unchanged conditions. Since the conclusion of the sale/purchase contract all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to the organizer as well as the buyer.


Promotional campaigns and discounts

Participating in promotion campaigns is possible during the time of the campaign published in selected media, at which the campaign is advertised. Unless stated otherwise, the campaign takes place only on our web pages. Campaign prices apply exclusively for purchase of products Trip in the Bag in the time period of the campaigns duration. Campaigns, codes, discounts and other benefits are mutually exclusive and do not add up.

Promotional code is a code, which produces different benefits at a purchase and is time-limited.

The buyer can find an active promotional code on the web page of the advertisement, the organizers electronic informational list or other media. A promotional code is a word, number or a combination of both, which the buyer as a registered user writes in, at the step of the web purchase or places in the time of inquiries and reservation of the selected time-term, before payment.


Customers and booking agents must notify Globart skupina d.o.o. of any cancellations as soon as the reason for cancelation appears.

Any activity with Globart skupina d.o.o. can be changed or canceled with the following return policy:

  • In case of cancellation 14 days (336 hours) prior to activity, the cancellation fee is 0% of total product price.
  • In case of cancellation 13-3 days (335-72 hours) before departure, the cancellation fee is 20% of total product price.
  • In case of cancellation lass than 3 days (72 hours) prior to activity, the cancellation fee is 100% of total prosuct price.
  • Non shows will not be refunded.

Once a booking is made significant expenses and commitments are incurred on your behalf. We can not offer any refunds if you are later forced to cancel for any kind of reasons.

We strongly recommend purchasing cancellation insurance next to your travel insurance – especially for all guests who are prone to cancellations in the last 3 days (72 hours) prior to planning using our product – activity.

Globart skupina d.o.o. will not provide any discounts or refunds for voluntary or involuntary missed or unused services.

Any price which has been paid for any service to Globart skupina d.o.o. and for reasons such as unpredictable or unsafe conditions this activity is canceled, the amount will be fully refunded.


Deliveries can be made in Slovenia as well as abroad, at which the costs of shipping and delivery are charged to the customer and are charged by the valid price range of the post office or any other delivery partner. The buyer is notified beforehand about all costs of delivery.

Deliveries to the address given by the buyer are performed by GLS or any other logistical partner, which is authorised by the organizer. The organizer does not take any responsibility in a case, where the addressee is absent at the time of delivery or does not return the shipment to the services of logistical partners of the organizer, or in a case where the buyer does not take over the shipment during the ordering phase.

No matter of the delivery options, the risk of the products is transferred to the buyer at the time when the product is shipped from the offices of the organizer or its authorised logistical partners.

The delivery period is a maximum of 14 days. Any delays with the delivery do not have any compensational consequences, nor any revocation of a order in progress, nor any refunds for the order if it turns out, that the delay was caused due to an error of the buyer, addressor of the shipment or any third person, or in a case of a higher power (such as, but not limited to: transportation strikes, blockades of transport vehicles, government or any other legal restrictions etc.)


In a case, that at the acceptance of the shipment, the buyer notices that the shipment or package is physically damaged, is showing signs of opening or any missing content, the buyer can initiate the procedure of a refund at GLS or at the organizer, at the address: Globart skupina d.o.o. Jurčkova cesta 133b, 1000 Ljubljana.

In the case of any complaints please turn to the organizer at the address Globart skupina d.o.o., Jurčkova cesta 133b, 1000 Ljubljana or call the number. +386 31 445 555. Together with GLS the organizer will see to your complaint and will solve it in the shortest possible time span. In the case of any reclamation complaints at the organizer, the buyer must act in accordance with the general terms of services and conditions concerning the return of the products.


Products Trip in the Bag are available at different places of sale (stores and web sites of salespeople) such as tradesman that are business partners of the organizer. The process of buying and payment, orders and deliver, returns and all other parts of the sale/purchase contract are not handled by the organizer, but by the tradesman, therefore the organizer cannot be responsible. All such conditions are dependant exclusively by the tradesman at which the purchase takes place.


The buyer and/or user irrevocably agree that the usage of any products Trip in the Bag, are exclusively and wholly on their own responsibility.

All products Trip in the Bag (travels, outings and experiences) are organized and prepared as self-guided programs, at which the user takes on full responsibility. The organizer is available during the time of the travel only as a local informative support, at which he does not take any responsibilities concerning the safety of travellers in during the time of their travel and usage of products Trip in the Bag, but serves only as assistance and organizing and experiencing a certain destination.

When purchasing this product, the buyer must state the main responsible user, which is the leader of the group or of the travel. The leader of the group is a person that in the name of the organizer accompanies the other attendees of the tourist arrangement and provides organisational and technical services during the time of the trip. He does so, and ensures that the program is implemented as it is intended in the promotional pamphlets and sold to the traveller or consumer and provides practical local information

The buyer and user, that the buyer is obliged to notify the user agree that the use of the product Trip in the Bag is entirely on their responsibility. The organizer Globart skupina d.o.o. does not take any responsibility for the travellers’ safety at the time of the travel or for any theft, injury or misfortune, as well as for any damages that may befall the user during the time of usage of the product trip in the bag, as well as any before or after.

All services that are included in the product Trip in the Bag are carefully selected and arranged on the basis of partnership contracts with subcontractors, which for their services, products or offer take full responsibility at usage and execution, at which the user must follow their instructions and their terms of service and/or usage of their services.

Customers using Globart group d.o.o. products are recommended to carry travel insurance such as cancellation trip, and loss of luggage and personal effects are also encouraged. Globart group d.o.o. will not be held liable for lost or stolen luggage.

Though the organizer is trying to provide accurate photographs of the sold products, all photographs have to be taken as symbolic. Photographs of all products are symbolic and do not ensure the actually properties of the product.

The organizer reserves the right to any typing mistakes.

The organizer reserves the right to change or revise all terms of service and conditions at any time or in any way, shape or form, no matter the reason and without any notice.

The organizer is exempt from conditions of delivery in circumstances on which the organizer cannot influence. Ex: in a case of a strike by the delivery service or in case of a higher power.

The organizer takes no responsibility for any misuse of the ordered products.

Web pages that are directly or indirectly connected with the web pages of the organizer are not under the control of the organizer and the organizer does not manage them. Therefore, the organizer is not responsible for the information that is found on related web pages. Links to the web pages of third parties are given for practical purposes only and the organizer takes no responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information gathered on those web pages.


The general rules and terms of service are in effect since 1.11.2018, since this publishing. Družba Globart skupina d.o.o. reserves the right to change these general rules and terms of service at any given moment and without any notice.

The organizer respects and abides by the valid legislation of consumer protection. The organizer will try its best to fulfil its duty and establish an effective system of handling complaints and appoint a person that the buyer can connect with through a 24/7 telephone line, with the number +386 31 445 555 or via email. Any complaint can be handed in writing on the address of the organizer or via email on: [email protected]

The organizer is aware that the key characteristic of a consumer dispute is its disproportionate nature between the economic value of the appeal and the costs of the dispute itself. That is why the organizer strives, to the best of its abilities that such a dispute be handles agreeable for both parties. In a case, where this is not possible, the jurisdiction for such a dispute is handled by the appropriate court in Ljubljana.

These general rules and terms of service come into effect 1.11.2018 and are valid until cancelation.


The minimum age for clients using Globart skupina d.o.o. products varies according to each product (destination). It is the client’s responsibility to determine the minimum age requirements according to each activity before requesting a booking from Globart skupina d.o.o.. Clients should consult the activities information and details on for each activity. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. An adult is defined as anyone over 18. All inquiries with respect to children are subject to review and approval by Globart skupina d.o.o.. Globart skupina d.o.o. reserves the right to restrict the number of travelers under the age of 18 on activities.


Globart skupina d.o.o. reserves the right to cancel any activity for any reason, but will only cancel an activity less than 12 hours before departure for unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside Globart skupina d.o.o. control (Force Majeure) or if there are too few people to operate an activity. When Globart skupina d.o.o. cancels an activity, the client may choose between a full refund of all monies paid or any alternative activity available and offer by Globart skupina d.o.o.. If the alternative activity is less costly than the original then Globart skupina d.o.o. will refund the difference. Similarly, if the alternative is more costly then the customer is obligated to pay the difference. Globart skupina d.o.o. is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that the client may have incurred as a result of the booking.


Globart skupina d.o.o. organizes services and holds contracts with a network of companies and organizations to make activities possible. Customers release Globart skupina d.o.o. and its third party contractors from any liability resulting from pain, injury, death, damage or loss of pleasure suffered directly or indirectly as a result of participation in all activities or as a result of Globart skupina d.o.o. or its contractors’ actions or facilities. The implied warranty is excluded from these Terms and Conditions.


In the event that a customer has a complaint against Globart skupina d.o.o., the customer must first file a complaint to the Globart skupina d.o.o. office at the time the complaint arises. The customer waives any complaints if they cannot reasonably demonstrate that the complaint was lodged immediately. The Globart skupina d.o.o. representative is best suited to address customer complaints. If necessary, the representative will contact the general manager. If the customer is still unsatisfied then the customer must file a written complaint to Globart skupina d.o.o. within 15 days of the end of the activity. Globart skupina d.o.o. will not accept any liability for claims received after this period.


Globart skupina d.o.o. organizes activities and has contracts with agents and suppliers. Customers will be bound by agents’ and suppliers’ own terms and conditions. Globart skupina d.o.o. may supply copies of third-party conditions but makes no guarantee of doing so. The customer may not make the same claim and seek the same recovery against both Globart skupina d.o.o. and its suppliers.


Globart skupina d.o.o. encourages customers and the client to distribute their photos through Globart skupina d.o.o.. Globart skupina d.o.o. occasionally hosts photo contests for its customers. All such images or video are provided with a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable license to Globart skupina d.o.o. to use in any medium for any purpose.


The Terms and Conditions including all matters arising from it are subject to the law and the exclusive jurisdiction in the courts of the Republic Slovenia and will be governed exclusively by Slovenian law.


Globart skupina d.o.o. understands that you want to maintain your privacy and confidentiality of your information provided. We at Globart skupina d.o.o. recognize that privacy and take in very seriously. All information provided will be with your consent and approval only. Globart skupina d.o.o. will never reveal or sell information to a third party without your explicit approval.

Please find our complete Privacy Policy & Data Protection – compliant with EU GDPR – valid from 25 May 2018 here.

Information and data we collect when you register for a service

Download request, brochure or printed materials – Book a trip with Globart skupina d.o.o. – Refer a page or trip to a friend – Register for newsletters or competition

Mainly, personal information that is collected is for booking your Trip. Details will need to be provided by you so we have accurate information of who is who so no mistakes happen or mistaken identity.

We will use personal information to provide the requests or services that you have requested. This may also mean sending email, newsletters, or printed materials to you.

One main reason for collecting your personal information is also for research and analysis purposes, either for future reference or just to improve our services.

If Globart skupina d.o.o. uses third parties to help us process your personal information, third parties also comply with our privacy policies and keep the confidentiality of our customer information. We sometimes share information with third parties in order to check, preventing fraud or harm to our company, or security of network and services.

Please understand, all personal information collected by Globart skupina d.o.o. must have checked approval and permission from the customer, whether it be filling in a booking or high-security items such as your credit card. You may decline to provide personal information to us, but this will lead to some services that can not be provided to you.

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