Dressed up in Christmas lights and covered by snow, Slovenia’s capital of Ljubljana is turned into a magical winter scene. The smell of cinnamon pastries, almonds, and mulled wine are spreading across the streets. The foggy river is brightened up by the numerous lights. Festive Ljubljana is something no one should miss.


Ljubljana is Slovenia’s biggest and one of the greenest cities in Europe. Its old part of the town, neatly packed under the castle and surrounded by the Ljubljanica river, makes it look almost like a scene from a fairytale.


Colorful coastal towns, majestic Lipican horses, delicious wine and prosciutto, and mysterious caves. All this in one little bag, Trip in the Bag!

kranjska gora

Misty mountains, emerald lakes, the highest mountain pass with the legendary granite road and the world’s first big ski jump. You will find all of this and more in the hidden gem of the Julian Alps – Kranjska Gora! Grab your bag and explore it with the All-inclusive Kranjska Gora experience!


This small lake is one of the most picturesque places in Slovenia. Here you will find all the ingredients for the perfect getaway. A fairytale island, a big castle on the cliff, romantic hiking trails and delicious cream cake. Write your own fairytale with the All-inclusive Bled experience!

Trip in the Bag

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