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Trip in the Bag is a brand of the company Globart Skupina d.o.o., which was established by Samo Perko in 2012.

Globart is a tourist agency that specializes in musical, cultural and art traveling. Up until this day, we have visited more than 100 concerts with over 5000 passengers.

In 2017, Globart has expanded its team and started working on projects in incoming tourism.

The idea behind it was to make something different with the focus on private groups. We were looking at how to make this type of traveling more exciting and most importantly – affordable for everyone. Private tours are quite expensive most of the time and the price and execution of the trip often depends on the number of passengers.

In 2018, Jan, an old friend of Samo, has joined the team. They met while working as tour guides in their student years. Their experiences in the travel industry helped them come up with the idea, where every group or individual can travel by themselves without a tour guide, while still getting all the knowledge, the best local experience and the best prices for verified admissions, meals, drinks etc.

After a shy year of developing, testing and improving, our first product saw the daylight: Trip in the Bag – Ljubljana Christmas Experience. And the rest is history.


 Samo Perko

Samo Perko


Samo merged his knowledge and love for music with his experience in tourism. With little to no experience in business ownership, he dove himself into his first business on his own. Now, after 6 years, he has 30 employees and 2 more companies.

 Jan Tomažič

Jan Tomažič

(Product Manager)

A man of many talents at least that is what he likes to think. One thing is for sure though, his experience as a tour guide gave him the knack to pick the best spot in any destination. This talent, coupled with the carefully nurtured geekness in him, helps him bring out the best ideas on where you can travel and play at the same time.

 Anja Baš

Anja Baš


Skilled in copywriting, social media marketing and management, and as a huge fan of travel, Anja seemed like the perfect choice to run the TITB’s social media. Anja is also a musician, a writer and a speaker, who loves everything digital, fresh and exciting.

Trip in the Bag

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